Random Quote from Guru Granth Sahib -- One who is imbued with devotion to the Lord, remains always balanced and detached. Subduing selfishness and conceit, he is united with the Lord. ||7|| -- Page:112 -- Line:7 -- Author:Guru Amar Das

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Latest News
Surat Singh Khalsa: Free Sikh Political Prisoners

Surat Singh Khalsa, 82 years old, has been on a hunger strike since January 16, 2015, in Punjab, India. The purpose of this hunger strike is to create awareness for Sikh political prisoners in India, who despite completing their given sentences, are still being kept in jail.

Badal asks Modi to restore dignity pride of Khalsa Panth

Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal on Saturday brought the crucial Sikh issues and the agrarian crisis to the national centrestage, asking the Centre to end the "political, economic and religious discrimination" against the state, Sikh community and the farmers as a "matter of extreme national urgency". Deviating from the prepared script, the CM minced no words in highlighting policies and decisions of the successive Congress governments at the Centre, which had spelt "despair and acute sense of grievance" in the Sikh community.

Vaisakhi Parade 2015

Hundreds of people braved the colder weather and rain to crowd the streets of Rutland for the the fifth annual Vaisakhi parade. It commemorates the establishment of the Khalsa at Anandpur Sahib in 1699, by the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh.

Pupils sent to Sikh school in shortage

More than 20 pupils have been allocated places at a Sikh-ethos free school in Leeds that they did not choose, amid a shortage of school places. Of the 30 pupils allocated a place at Khalsa Science Academy for next year, only eight named it as a choice.

Vaisakhi parade in Kelowna this weekend

Kelowna's Sikh community will bring long-held traditions to local streets this weekend in an outpouring rich in colour, sound and flavour, with the fifth annual Vaisakhi Parade and Celebration. Vaisakhi is one of the most important events in the Sikh calendar, and celebrated by Sikh communities across the globe in April.

Four Indian Sikhs go missing in Pakistan Report

Four members of a Sikh family from India have gone missing while visiting Pakistan to participate in celebrations marking Baisakhi, the first incident of its kind, according to a media report on Friday. The four people from Sandhawala village in Faridkot were among 1,717 Sikh pilgrims from India who arrived in Pakistan on April 11. All the other pilgrims have returned home.

Vaisakhi Birmingham 2015: Road closures and procession details confirmed

Exclusion zone will be in operation around Handsworth Park and roads will shut an hour before street parades get under way Motorists are being warned about road closures around Handsworth Park and along procession routes on Sunday, April 26, for Birmingham's annual Vaisakhi celebrations. Organisers have confirmed details of this year's event, which marks the anniversary of Sikhism being established as a religion more than 300 years ago and is free to all members of the community.

Parade draws 300,000 for 'beautiful time' in Surrey

It seems Surrey's Vaisakhi parade grows bigger and better every year, with a whopping 300,000 people gathering in Newton's streets on Saturday. "It feels really good to know the community in general is coming out," spokesperson Moninder Singh told the Now.

Row over Leeds children allocated to Sikh ethos free school their parents did not choose

Congratulations, you're now registered! Let us know what news and updates you want to hear about and we'll send them straight to your inbox. MORE THAN 20 children have been allocated to a Sikh ethos free school they did not choose amid questions over when it will move to a permanent base.

Temple home from home for Korea's Sikhs

Down a small back street in a run-down suburb in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province, is an inauspicious, two-story red brick building. If there were no sign on the outside, it could be mistaken for a school, a factory or even a low-security prison.

Hobart set to celebrate Punjabi New Year for the first time

A vibrant and colourful festival in Punjab, India will be celebrated in Sandy Bay this weekend for the first time in Tasmania. The Punjabi Cultural and Sports Society of Tasmania will be celebrating the Punjab New Year with the festival, Vaiskahi Dhol Dhamaka.

The 'Beloved five' holding the ceremonial swords in front of the procession

An inspiring phrase written on the centerpiece of the procession: 'He alone is known as a spiritual hero, who fights in defence of the truth The first festival is, of course, Easter. Considered one of the most important events in Christianity; the key reason being that Jesus was resurrected and took our sins with him to give humankind a second chance.

Producer of movie Nanak Shah Fakir Harinder Sikka announces withdrawal of movie across the country

Producer of movie Nanak Shah Fakir Harrinder Sikka on Tuesday announced the withdrawal of the movie across the country after meeting having a meeting with Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh in New Delhi. As per the reports, Jathedar requested Sikka to make certain changes in the movie during the meeting as per the directions of Akal Takht.

VIDEO: Foreign secretary praises Latchford Gurdwara for engagement with children

THE foreign secretary was in Warrington on Friday to visit the town's only Sikh temple where he commended the efforts in place to keep youngsters engaged. Philip Hammond joined Warrington South's Conservative candidate David Mowat at Warrington Guru Nanak Gurdwara, in Latchford, on Dover Road, in the week the temple celebrated Vaisakhi - the Sikh New Year.

Surrey's Vaisakhi parade draws 300,000 for 'a beautiful day and a beautiful time'

It seems Surrey's Vaisakhi parade grows bigger and better every year, with a whopping 300,000 people gathering in Newton's streets on Saturday. "It feels really good to know the community in general is coming out," spokesperson Moninder Singh told the Now.

Thousands of Valley Sikhs mark New Year with Vaisakhi celebration

From a helicopter the scene might have looked something like confetti as the crowd made its way down Highland Avenue, following several large parade floats. They had started at Sahib Sikh Center of the Pacific Coast, a temple in Selma, for the biggest Sikh celebration of the year: Vaisakhi.

Special day for Sikhs

MEMBERS of the Sikh Community in Fiji gathered at Lautoka's Gurudwara Sikh Temple yesterday to mark a special event on their religious calendar. The event is a harvest festival of the Punjabi region which also marks the Punjabi new year and it is especially important for the Sikh community as it marks the establishment of the Khalsa which is also known as the Khalsa Sirjana Divas.